Metal Roofs FAQ

No. Strapping is directly applied on top of the shingles, and the metal is then fastened to the strapping. The shingles help act as a vapor barrier. There is no dump fee to dispose shingles, and better yet, no shingles end up in a landfill!
Over time, due to wather conditions, maintenace is required to ensure proper functionality of the roof. Ice and snow moving down the roof can loosen screws, however, simply going over the roof and refastening any screws that may have loosened is generally all that is needed.
Like any paint that is exposed to sun on a daily basis, fading over time is inevitable. This no way effects the roofs functionality.

Roofing FAQ

Many factors determine wether a roof needs to be repaired, or replaced. Factors such as; the age of the roof, possible damage due to weather elements, or leaks around problematic areas such as skylights, chimneys, and wall flashings.  Still unsure if you need a repair or replacement? Give us a call and have a professional […]
Our office is located in Metcalfe, Ont. We service all surrounding areas, as well as all of Ottawa.
A few indications that your roof may have reached it’s life expectancy are: Curling or buckling shingles: shingles that are curling or buckling is a good indication that the roof is in need of being replaced. The sun, or poor ventillation has broke down the ashphalt layers in the shingles actually causing the shingles to […]

Soffit and Fascia FAQ

Animals can get in through small openings in the soffit area. Take a  walk around the perimeter of your home, inspecting the soffit area, and making sure no soffit has come loose or moved position, leaving any openings for critters to get in. If you notice any areas of misplaced soffit, it will need to […]
The soffit area need to be breathable to allow fresh air in. The fresh air is brought in through the soffit, and exhausted out through the vents located on the roof. In order for the soffit to allow the air to come in, it must not be covered, or blocked. In your attic is a […]